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Air India Express accident at Calicut was facilitated by the regulator, how?

  Air India Airbus Landing at Port Blair (Source Dr Puneet) Blaming the pilots alone for an accident is like addressing the symptom rather than the root cause. The root cause of the Calicut accident of IX1344 on 7th Aug 2020 is the poor safety culture prevalent in India and the ineffective regulatory oversight. This landing(YouTube video) can be categorized as a deliberate attempt to endanger the lives of passengers and crew. This is not the Calicut landing but a landing at another critical airport where most of the year the airport experiences tailwinds. Since the airport has a unidirectional runway ( landing from one direction only), the flight crew has no option but to land in tailwinds. The situation worsens during the monsoons when there is a tailwind and the runway is wet and braking action reduces. Action has not been taken either by the regulator or by the airline safety. Why? What is the role of the regulator? The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the regulatory

Storm passing over Calicut when the accident happened.

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Mangalore Accident recommendation for table top runways ignored. 10 years later another accident. Where does the buck stop?

 The Mangalore accident investigation report recommended the folowing for table top runways like the Calicut runway, almost a 100 feet drop. Considering the large number of runway excursions leading to hull loss accidents, ideally an arresting system like the Engineering Material Arresting System (EMAS) should be installed on the runway overshoot areas, especially for Table Top airports like Mangalore.

No Human Factor experts, Investigations flawed, Policy maker cluseless about Safety management. This is the Nadir.

AIX1344 Aviation safety in India is truly at the Nadir with the unfortunate accident of the Air India Express B737 at Calicut on 7th Aug 2020. After 22nd May 2010 when the Air India Express B737 crashed at Mangalore, there was a thorough investigation with numerous recommendations. Unfortunately, a year down the line all was forgotten.   2019 monsoon saw a spate of runway excursions. Instead of determining the root cause, the regulator decided to address the symptom. They cracked the whip and suspended more than 40 pilots. A proud regulator made a statement that cracking the whip worked and there were no SOP violations in December 2019.  Problem: 1. The policy makers have no understanding of risk analysis and safety management systems. 2. Investigations are flawed and no action is taken on the real culprits. 3. There are no human factor experts to understand why the error passes through all the barriers to end up in an accident.   Statement by the regulator.     

Air India Express from Dubai to Calicut runway excursion at Calicut in rain

    Air India express Dubai to Calicut/Kozikode slipped off the runway in rain. The aircraft broke up as per the images received on social media. Details awaited.