FAA proposes draft B-737 Max Training only for US carriers & registered aircraft only

The FAA has released a flight standardisation boardreport relating to B-737 Max pilot training. Soon after, an addendum was issued too. While FAA has clearly stated that the training required in the FSB is mandated for US air carriers & US registered aircrafts, other aviation authorities must take their own action for the return of the B-737 Max.Question, will the Indian regulator follow a systematic process of change management and not be rushed into the re-entry process? Will the FSB report adopted in toto and will the regulators draft training requirements be put out for public comments?
The key highlights are quoted below from the FAA website as of 7th Oct 2020:While this is an important step, several key milestones remain:Final Design Documentation and Technical Advisory Board (TAB) Report – The FAA will review Boeing’s final design documentation to evaluate compliance with all FAA regulations. The multi-agency TAB will also review the final Boeing submission and issue a f…

mindFly by Amit presents AvoBanter, speak your mind.

There is no RIGHT and there is no WRONG but,


The blog

mindFly, the human factor blog was launched in Nov 2018. I am happy to announce that the blog is among

the top 100 aviation blogs globally and has attracted close to 100,000 hits. The blog focuses on the unique aspects of the human intellect which do not draw attention when analysing an aviation occurrence.


The webinar

The 1st season of mindFly webinar was in May 2020. An encouraging response from the viewers with live audience ranging from 150-250. The videos are hosted on the mindFly YouTube channel.


The banter

Banter we may but it is essential part of our life.

"Our language is amazingly supple. We can connect a limited number of sounds and signs to produce infinite number of sentences, each with a distinct meaning."

"Our language evolved as a means of sharing information about the world. But the most important information that needed to be conveyed was about humans, not about lions and Bison."
― Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

AvoBanter presents my mindFul, my way. The obvious is quite normal but AvoBanter presents the fourth dimensional perspective to every event or occurrence. The idea is to express our opinion based on facts and debate.

Signing off.

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