FAA proposes draft B-737 Max Training only for US carriers & registered aircraft only

The FAA has released a flight standardisation boardreport relating to B-737 Max pilot training. Soon after, an addendum was issued too. While FAA has clearly stated that the training required in the FSB is mandated for US air carriers & US registered aircrafts, other aviation authorities must take their own action for the return of the B-737 Max.Question, will the Indian regulator follow a systematic process of change management and not be rushed into the re-entry process? Will the FSB report adopted in toto and will the regulators draft training requirements be put out for public comments?
The key highlights are quoted below from the FAA website as of 7th Oct 2020:While this is an important step, several key milestones remain:Final Design Documentation and Technical Advisory Board (TAB) Report – The FAA will review Boeing’s final design documentation to evaluate compliance with all FAA regulations. The multi-agency TAB will also review the final Boeing submission and issue a f…

Atlas Air pilot may have experienced up to 80 degrees nose up pitch leading to the crash

Atlas Air

The first officer flying the Atlas Air B-767 which crashed near Huston airport may have experienced a nose up sensation of up to 80 degrees nose up before he put the aircraft to a dive. The “apparent” pitch angle that the co-pilot might have “felt” that the aeroplane was at based solely on vestibular/kinesthetic(body's balance system in the ear canal) the perception from loads acting in the co-pilot’s body coordinate system.

Apparent pitch
Source: NTSBAdd 

The chain of events was probably triggered by an inadvertent activation of the go-around mode which commanded maximum thrust from the engines and rapid acceleration. The acceleration may have been perceived as a pitch up. To counter the apparent pitch up, the first officer may have pushed the nose down into a steep dive.


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